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Name Of House Of Experience

(Experience House of Educational Evaluation and Statistics (Education College

House Of Experience Activity

Consultations, research questionnaire arbitration, translation and research language review

Head Of House Of Experience

Dean of Education College


achieving leadership in educational researches and delivering high-quality research services and training courses that make the College of Education in PSAU one of high-reputed education colleges.


encouraging educational research traffic and providing technical help for postgraduate students and faculty members.


  1. Supporting the university’s mission in scientific research development and publishing in the field of education.
  2. Providing research consultation for postgraduate students and faculty members.
  3. providing technical help in the educational research field for entities and external researchers.
  4. Cooperating with scientific institutions from inside and outside KSA, besides exchanging knowledge and information.
  5. Contributing to the fulfillment of individuals’ development needs.