Rector of PSAU Inaugurates the Houses of Experience in order to Provide Qualitative Consultations

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Rector of PSAU Inaugurates the Houses of Experience in order to Provide Qualitative Consultations


Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Hammed Rector of PSAU, inaugurated at the University City theater the Houses of Experience affiliated to the Institute of Research and Consulting Services

Al-Hammed in a speech delivered at the inauguration ceremony that consulting in Saudi Arabia is a promising market and that the noble and generous order to compel government entities to contract with experienced Saudis, consulting offices and national companies enhances opportunities in this competitive market. He added that the consulting work carried out by the people of the country will be a product of high value and quality, in addition to the national feeling of responsibility when providing such consultations. Rector indicated that the university has competitive capabilities and human capabilities that have a great deal of knowledge and experience. Through Houses of Experience they can serve their country and society

Dr. Mubarak Al-Harbi Dean of Institute of Research and Consulting Services pointed out that the Houses of Experience seek to provide an opportunity for faculty members to provide scientific and consulting services to the community in all disciplines, participate in building the sector of expertise and national consultancy services, and develop academic consultancy work to serve the national economy

Moreover, Dr. Khaled Al-Muhaidib said the Houses of Experience as representing a tributary of supporting the knowledge, science and national economy, and it has a tangible role in serving community issues and forging partnerships with government and private entities. After his speech, the attendees watched an introductory film about the Houses of Experience.

At the end of the ceremony, Rector handed over the Houses of Experience licenses to the heads of the 18 houses in the fields of humanity, health, science and engineering

Dr. Imad Felemban presented in a workshop that preceded the launch ceremony and its title: “Houses of Experience … a scientific narration in providing advisory services”, that the amount of spending in the Saudi consulting market is estimated at 20 billion riyals, and that 95% of the market is acquired by foreign companies

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